Robinson Jehazial

Author, Poet & Biomedical Student.
Author, Poet & Biomedical Student.

The author of 'Medicine Beyond Antiquity', Robinson Jehazial, describes how medicine has grown in size from ancient times to today. He is currently a student at NITTE University, where he is pursuing science in order to become a scientist in the future. He has written poems and published them on, weaver magazine, etc. For more information about him, view his LinkedIn profile or read his articles to discover what he has written. Read More...


Enigmatic Veiled Pathways

Books by Robinson Jehazial

"Enigmatic Veiled Pathways" is a captivating tale that takes readers on a journey through the realms of mystery, suspense, and the supernatural. Set in a small town in North Dakota, the story follows the John family as they embark on a fateful adventure to their ancestral estate. In "Enigmatic Veiled Pathways," follow the John family's journey into mystery and suspense as they navigate unsettling encounters, hidden pathways, and haunted tombs. With chilling me

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Published on Jul 1,2022 05:35 PM

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