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Shalaka Trivikram Prabhugaonker


Shalaka Trivikram Prabhugaonker is a school teacher brought up in Goa amidst countryside surroundings, in one of those old-world houses. A graduate in journalism and mass communication, Shalaka loves storytelling and believes that students understand lessons better when they are weaved into a story or an interesting anecdote. Apart from being an avid reader, she had dabbled in writing Sunday columns on college life for the local newspaper during her student years. A member of the Toastmasters International Club (Goa), the author considers herself always in the phase of amassing knowledge from Read More...


Books by Shalaka Trivikram Prabhugaonker

Imagine a world where you exist even after you cease to exist!

When it is time for a human being or an animal to end their journey of existing as a moving life form, they progress into an immovable one, ranging from getting converted into moss, grass, plants, creepers, shrubs to progressing towards Vruksh(tree)-formation; the latter being considered the greatest form of conversion. A Vruksh-formed person not only lives for hundreds of years to come but

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