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Amrender singh

Entrepreneur, Philosopher
Entrepreneur, Philosopher

The author, who has completed master’s in Philosophy, is also a budding Entrepreneur with 14 years of rich, ongoing professional experience. He has published articles for prominent magazines in the past; some of which include People Matter, Human Capital, ICFAI University Press (IUP). His writing reflects fresh perspectives on developing and reevaluating the ‘self’ within us.Read More...



Books by Amrender Singh

“I believe that if I have to discover myself I need to move on and do something outrageous.”

Out of his fear, he hesitated trying for the best he could have.  The book traces an individual’s journey of overcoming fears, obstacles and criticism and finally identifying and achieving what he loves doing. Flipping through the pages, readers would be able to familiarize and resonate with the lessons and circumstances of life. This boo

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