Rajeshwari Mandal

Celebrity Journalist, Writer
Celebrity Journalist, Writer

Rajeshwari Mandal, a 14 years old budding journalist & writer (Beginner’s guide to Astronomical & Space Science), contributes regularly to The Telegraph in Schools and is a creative writer in Young Intach. She has an educational Youtube channel "Rajeshwari Mandal Official" where she expresses her views and creative interests. She loves to edit, paint, play chess and do a whole lot of technological stuff. She even has taken interviews of Dr. Dharmendra Pradhan - Education minister of India, Miss Universe - Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, Miss India World - Manasa Varanasi, the vice-president of India- MRead More...

The hero of Mayapur

By Rajeshwari Mandal in Adventure | Reads: 50,433 | Likes: 2,178

Ram was living in a place called Mayapur in a small town in India. From his childhood, Ram had a nag of helping people, be it poor or wealthy. He wanted to be a doctor so that he could spend his life looking after people. Soon, he grew up & naturally his dreams to become a doctor & serve the  Read More...

Published on Oct 8,2022 10:47 AM

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