Aryan Chaudhary

Chief Scientific Advisor, BioTech Sphere Research, India
Chief Scientific Advisor, BioTech Sphere Research, India

Aryan Chaudhary, the Chief Scientific Advisor at BioTech Sphere Research, India, is an eminent figure in the healthcare and technology landscape, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions and innovative leadership. Formerly the Research Head at Nijji HealthCare Pvt Ltd, he has showcased unparalleled expertise in harnessing revolutionary technologies, including artificial intelligence, deep learning, IoT, cognitive technology, and blockchain, to reshape the healthcare industry.With a relentless commitment to excellence, he has left an indelible mark as a thought leader. His extensive body oRead More...


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Innovative Computing For Green Technologies

Books by Aryan Chaudhary, Preeta Sharan, Maheswari R

Innovative Computing for Green Technologies aims to introduce the latest technologies and promote international collaborations across the scientific community and, eventually, the general public. It consists of 3 sections. Each section explores how technologies give real-time responses to current environmental, technological, social and economic challenges, which can be beneficial in reducing carbon emissions, improving resource utilization, promoting active e

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