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Writer & Teacher
Writer & Teacher

To create more Society Oriented WRITINGS with an emphasis on Poverty Elimination, Fairness (anti-racism) and Equality . (Has won a WORLD RECORD for the his first book 'LIFE is INFINITY' from Virtue Book of World Records for being the 'First of its kind in connecting the concept of Life with the mathematical term Infinity pioneering in the entire book history'.)A.John Presin Kumar is born in Dec 11, 1977 in Periyakulam, Madurai District. He is an Engineering Graduate with Doctoral Degree. He has been in Teaching profession for the last 21 years. He is presently working as a Faculty in HindustanRead More...



Books by A John Presin Kumar

This fictional story narrates how two Vietnamese men Vien and Nam were miserably caught in a south Indian prison for transporting Narcotics material during their official company trip to Erode, Tamilnadu, India and the experiences they were facing in their possible escape trial especially the one that comes in the form of a gentle Breeze having in itself a Sacred Soul of the King of Kings “Raja Raja Chozhan”. 

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Books by A. John Presin Kumar

This book beautifully explains Philosophy with regard to ‘How Life can be viewed as Infinity’ incorporating an amalgamation with a Suspense story. This work combines LIFE with the concept of INFINITY as a pioneering effort. This writing is aimed at unveiling the answers to Mind's basic questions and its needed thoughts in an obvious and unambiguous contrivance, for understanding the means to attain Satisfaction. This work touches upon the very esse

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By A.John Presin Kumar in Science Fiction | Reads: 2,953 | Likes: 8

Cold weather started in September itself, in that Year 2130…! In the last 100 years, the world has fully commutated with regard to lifestyle of people and astounding scientific discoveries…! Pleasant jingle bell sounds are heard from ‘Se Cathedral’ church in Velha, Goa, Ind  Read More...

Published on Jun 24,2022 03:13 PM


By A.John Presin Kumar in Life Journey | Reads: 4,094 | Likes: 19

It was a very chill morning! Due to last night’s heavy rain, the light from the Sun looked pale yellow in color…! The heaven was still beautiful for the eyes, as the view of the sky resembled the skin of a half matured mango fruit, torn apart and beautifully spread out throughout the to  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2022 01:25 PM

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