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Himanshu Kuche

Illustrator, cartoonist and visual storyteller
Illustrator, cartoonist and visual storyteller

My name is Himanshu Kuche, I’m first and foremost an Artist. I draw, paint, write, and anything else that falls under CREATING I'm 24yrs old born and bottom in Mumbai, India. Most of my creations are Digital Art which includes Illustrations, characters, cartoons, comics & paintings on Canvases, and much more for the people and world! My biggest passion aside from creating is travel. But that goes hand-in-hand for me. Travel opens my mind, allows me to experience new cultures, gives me the opportunity to see the world, I spent hours studying in college, and this is where I get most of my inspRead More...


The Last Dragon

Books by Himanshu Kuche

The Last Dragon is an Graphic novel/ comic written, illustrated & self published by Himanshu Kuche

The Adventurous Nandan finds an mysterious cave deep in the Jungles of Sesha Village - a village named after the last dragon exists thousands years ago. 

As the villagers said that the last dragon extinct thousand years back, but who knew that there might be some secrets hidden in deep jungle of sesha village. Go on an exciting dea

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