writer is my dream.
writer is my dream.

A Stranger From Another State

By tonysagarchiluvuri9 in Romance | Reads: 1,269 | Likes: 1

A stranger from another state. Was a short story and this story was taken from the true events that happened in my life. Here we go. We all at one time or at any time will be going through some strangers in our life. But all are not so important, some are terrible and some are like passing clouds bu  Read More...

Published on Jun 23,2022 02:38 PM

Buried skills

By tonysagarchiluvuri9 in Life Journey | Reads: 1,191 | Likes: 3

Everyone has their skills like they will burry it inside them because of some situations. Now after reading this you will automatically know what is your skill you buried inside you or you may know how you can work on your skill if you already get know about it. Here in this chapter, we will study s  Read More...

Published on Jun 16,2022 09:55 PM

A lady in my life.

By tonysagarchiluvuri9 in Women's Fiction | Reads: 1,719 | Likes: 3

A lady in my life. what do you guys think about this title, I think there will be a lot of questions for this “what is the real meaning of this title?” here we go and see what our writer says about this title and the story behind this. This story starts with a lady who sacrifices her who  Read More...

Published on Jun 11,2022 11:52 PM

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