Aditti Mehul Joshi

Checking out second hand books on streets near then Victoria Terminus, Mumbai, feeling the scent of years old classic literature, is when my passion for writing incepted. However, I converted my passion into serious profession by becoming a copywriter. Well this marked a moderate, yet a thrilling journey towards success. Editor, lecturer, entrepreneur and now an author... with every passing day my passion for writing only deepened.


Change the way you think of giving birth… and the way you deliver, will change! "Ready to Deliver Business Strategies" revolves round this very thought. Venturing into a business, irrespective of the industry, is a wonderful feeling. A feeling that's simply irreplaceable, as long as it's well planned! Distilling reality into a book, "Ready to Deliver Business Strategies" is a confession, an eye-witness or self-tried fundas, which will help the entrepreneurs to-be to transform their brain child into reality! It takes Nine Months for a life to come into existence. Similarly, chapter after chapter, this book reveals nine simple steps to launch a fool-proof business. It ...

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