R K Arora

From Dusk to Dawn

Books by R K Arora

It is a life-enrichment book in the form of a fiction. While reading it, you may sometimes find yourself wandering with Vijay and Gautam in the lush green valleys of mighty Himalaya and sometimes having a leisurely walk on the cool sandy banks of sacred Ganga. However, you cannot miss the angel constantly whispering in your ears that:

  • Life is good and beautiful. If you live wisely, you can enjoy it fully.
  • Good actions are their own instant rewards.
  • Love is the mother of peace.
  • You CAN and you MUST find your own heaven of happiness.
  • Sitting in your inner sanctuary and listening to the voice of your silence everyday for some time will enhance the quality of your life.
  • It is better to be good than important.
  • Humility,simplicity,goodness and gentleness enrich your daily life immensely

The book is for all who desire success and happiness together.

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