Aryan Dixit

Author and student writing about 'Idealism'; loves semi-colons.
Author and student writing about 'Idealism'; loves semi-colons.

Aryan Dixit is a student and author whose topics of writing usually focus on his original concepts of 'Idealism' and international issues. He is an avid reader, influenced by the works of Rutger Bregman, Arundhati Roy and Richard Dawkins. He has hosted the podcast, Veritas Populi; and has written for blogs before. Aryan enjoys a good debate and discussion. In his free time, you can find him playing the piano.Read More...


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Books by Aryan Dixit

Everyone wants the world to change, but few actually do change it, and you're about to be one of them. This book elucidates a strategy challenging the base concepts of our society (democracy, capitalism, equality and others) and offering new solutions like webocracy, Unisism, ACM, Parsamanity, et cetera, through the lenses of idealism. Idealism aims to empower you to change the world as you see it. But for that, you need more action and less speaking. It’s u

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