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Lawyer and Writer
Lawyer and Writer

Akshay Agrawal was born in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. He came to Agra after his father's death in his teenage years. It was here that he started writing and obtained a degree in Law. After that he moved to  Mumbai for work. He has been associated with writing and acting and has written  some films and serials. Currently, he is also associated with Film Production. He has composed this collection of poems, highlighting various topics, for the purpose of transmission of new consciousness, new energy in the public. You can connect with him through his email writer.akshay6@gmail.com Read More...


माँ" तू बहुत याद आती है...

Books by अक्षय अग्रवाल

"माँ तू बहुत याद आती है...“, एक माँ का बच्चों से सदैव अटूट बंधन होता है, वस्तुत नारी प्रत्येक रूप में पूज्यनीय  होती है चाहे वह माँ हो,बहन हो,बेटी हो,या पत्नी हो| वर्तमान परिस्थितियों

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