Daksh Kr.

Student, writer, speaker and a lifelong learner!
Student, writer, speaker and a lifelong learner!

Daksh is a student, writer, speaker and lifelong learner! He has authored the famous fantasy story named 'Village of the dead: The wicked Odyssey'. He has been called for many public speeches, debates and motivational sessions.  Read More...

Village of the Dead : The wicked Odyssey

By Daksh Kr. in Fantasy | Reads: 3,267 | Likes: 20

Once upon a time, there used to be a small village named Wickedville in the northeastern part of a country named Megates. It was said that the village Wickedville justified its name as the residents believed that many years ago, the village was cursed by a sorcerer named Iniqium who used to reside i  Read More...

Published on Oct 6,2022 01:17 AM

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