Aayushi Pandey

Author, blogger, homeschooler.
Author, blogger, homeschooler.

Aayushi Pandey is the author of two books before this one – OKOZBO: The Fights and OKOZBO: The Betrayal. She is also a blogger, magazine columnist, avid reader and home-schooled student, with an interest in physics, economics and literature. While she writes about wars, superpowers, and inter-galactic predators, Aayushi is afraid of crocodiles, clowns and pressure cookers. Let’s face it: she wouldn’t survive a day in Okozbo.

This is her third novel.


OKOZBO: The Annihilation

Books by Aayushi Pandey

“You should know,” she spoke quietly and clearly and with reverence to our friendship, “when everything goes to hell, and it will, I will stand by you without flinching.” 

Three sides, three motives, three invincible beings trying to destroy each other. Tavish Aryabhatt leads the quest for answers that may point to a brighter future, but he must simultaneously grapple with his own insecurities and accept his certain death. M

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OKOZBO: The Fights

Books by Aayushi Pandey

I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want this. It just happened, and I had no way to stop it.

Before I knew it, I was fighting the unknown without any clue what was going on. I was disconnected from my past with only one link left: my sister. And I had only one clue for the future: find an object called the FIGHT and save the world. But once I started discovering things about my world along with my hunt-mates, I realized that the enemy hasn’t

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