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Abhinav uttarwar

Santosham is influenced by both the science and spiritual background, but more by the spiritual background. He was induced to write. It is said that a writer doesn't choose the stories but the story chooses the writer.   At one point in his life, some things started coming into his mind. Gradually, so many things came that his hands started writing automatically. Such things make his hands dance on the keyboard.Read More...



Books by संतोषम्

'शक्ति', जब किसी और के पास हो, तो हमें लगता है कि इसका सही इस्तेमाल होना चाहिए।

परंतु यदि हमें वही शक्ति मिले, तब क्या……?

देवी, जिसमें जन्म से दिव्य शक्तियां रहती हैं, महागुरु की

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