Abhishek Gupta

"Born into an ordinary family, Abhishek Gupta navigated through his academic journey as an average student, with the family's focus primarily on business. This alignment led him to seamlessly venture into the business domain himself, successfully managing two enterprises before voluntarily closing them, whether in profit or loss. With an enduring dream of achieving something significant, Abhishek always harbored an intense desire to understand every facet of his work. Focused on exploring better paths for personal growth, he consciously chose what could lead to success. When he reached the pinRead More...


Time Investment not Time Management

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ये किताब एक बेहतर नजरिया है समय को देखने का, क्योंकि आजतक का हमारा मिला ज्ञान हमें सिर्फ इतना समझता है, कि टाइम मैनेजमेंट बहुत ही उलझन भरा और बहुत ही खर्चीला रास्ता है समय प्रबंधन

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