Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain is an IIT graduate turned Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker. He has impacted over a million students in 16+ countries through his Books, Apps, and Seminars.During his 4 year Engineering at IIT-BHU, he was mesmerized by Varanasi. Late-night walks at the Ghats, deep spiritual talks with the sadhus, and stories about Kashi and Lord Shiva pulled him into a self-exploration journey.He became an ardent reader, trying to understand human psychology, and started seeing the real world through a spiritual angle. This story is inspired by his own journey and aims to pave the way for todaRead More...


The New Age Arjuna

Books by Abhishek Jain

In the ancient city of Varanasi, a distressed and troubled youth Arjun, stumbles upon a mentor promising the keys to happiness and success. 

Journeying through the city's iconic landmarks and bustling ghats, Arjun learns profound lessons that reshape his world. As their daily conversations unravel the mysteries of growth and fulfillment, a startling revelation awaits—one that transcends human understanding and unveils the true identity of the enigmat

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