Indie Author Championship #6

Abhroneel Mukherjee

Abhroneel Mukherjee, a.k.a. Neel (his preferred name), is a poet and aspiring musician who resides in Kolkata, India. Since childhood, his lack of interest in academics was compensated by his inclination towards poetry and music. He was an emotional kid, who found his expression in writing poetry and composing songs. Neel’s poetry continues to serve as an outlet for his day-to-day emotions. His first book, Storm Clouds at the Back of My Mind is an accumulation of his Tumblr rants put together as a poetry book. Not one to beat about the bush, he prefers to perceive, and replicate in his Read More...

Storm clouds at the back of my mind

Books by Abhroneel Mukherjee

“This book may make you cry, make you fall in love, or maybe even contemplate possibilities wilder than your wildest imaginations.”

Storm Clouds at the Back of My Mind is not for everyone; it is not a story of the ages.

This book is for you and for me. All my feelings, thoughts and longings, fragmented and whole, await you within these pages— an extension of my consciousness, my very being.

I have given material form to a

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