AbisheK Babu

A certified engineer and a story lover

Like all engineering students, Abishek is a last-bencher, day-dreamer and story-writer. But he is different because of the wild imagination that comes out of his tiny brain. He loves to create worlds and characters in his head and often fantasizes about them. He has a huge interest in history, science, mythology and mysteries. He hates mathematics and orders/instructions.

He had no plans to become a writer until he read The Doomsday Conspiracy by Mr Sidney Sheldon during the early years of his college. And that changed everything. From a movie lover, he became a book enthusiast. He used to dream about a story during the lectures of Dr. Prabhavathy (HOD). And that story slowly bloomed to be an epic fantasy series called The Conspiracy Unknown.


The Conspiracy Unknown

Books by Abishek Babu

The story starts with the birth of a prince and the series of events that follows. Fifteen eons ago, the ‘Great War’ was fought between the Anndas and a group of revolutionaries, in which the revolutionaries came out victorious. The Anndas were chased out of the empire and were made to live in the forest like nomads. The revolutionaries named Ragupta Moriya as their king, and thus the Great Moriyan Empire was formed. Great songs and stories were written ab

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