Intl Teacher, Coach, Author & Speaker

A multidisciplinary international teacher, writer/journalist, author and speaker, Abraham O. A., with research interest in modern entrepreneurship, international business economics and humanitarian law, has produced many Bachelors and EMBA graduates across universities and nations.

He is a member of the Board of Examiners (Ph.D.) of Bharathiar University, India, Board Consultant to Gulf American University, UAE, Peer-Reviewer/Member on the Editorial Board of selected journals/publications including Common Ground Research Network, USA and Texila International Journal, S/America.

He is an Assistant Professor, Moscow University for Industry and Finance, the author of Writing Excellent Articles for Conferences & Journals and many articles and speaks on business leadership in conferences across Europe and the globe.

As a passion, he is a coach and provides free consultation on how young entrepreneurs can get a UAE business license from $1 and above.

He can be reached at intlfaculty001@gmail.com


Effective Coaching for New Start-Ups

Books by Abraham O. A

Effective Coaching for New Start-Ups 

Coaching is a specialized field of people development which can have a noticeable impact on both employee performance and the achievement of business goals, set targets and objectives. 

The need for coaching of young entrepreneurs and start-up businesses is very important and strategic to the growth, development and sustainability of SMEs.

Hence, this book focuses on:

-          What ‘C

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Writing Excellent Articles for Conferences & Journals

Books by Abraham O. A

The goal of any researcher is to present a good article that is well organized, properly documented and carefully edited. This goal cannot be achieved unless the researcher is orderly, logical, honest, imaginative and accurate. As knowledge keeps expanding, students and professionals across industries desire to put “papers together” and write their articles, but need to take the right steps, practically speaking. Some have the ideas and know what to do but

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