Aheed Khan

Doctor. Author. Poet. Writer. Dancer.
Doctor. Author. Poet. Writer. Dancer.

The author is a doctor, blogger, dancer, writer and poet who belongs to Rampur in UP but lives and work in Delhi and believes in affording sanity with science. Poetry and Literature have always been close to him as they have given him a dive into exploring his own subconscious and to learn from its realization. His ability to find beauty and tranquility, even during the times which could have broken him gave birth to his skills of writing in his school days and there has been no stopping hence. A scholar in his school, he joined medical college at the age of seventeen and found out very early Read More...


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“Bleed” is a collection of fifty poems spanning seven years into the crests and troughs of a poet’s life, bled onto paper. The author, who also happens to be a full-time doctor, finds solace and sanity in verses. ‘Bleed’ is designed to tell a story about love lost in six sections with each section describing a certain era of the poet’s life and the tribulations he had succumbed. Each section depicts a different genre of poems he writes and one can

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By Aheed Khan in Supernatural | Reads: 2,907 | Likes: 16

A dark night cringed on the campus uder a starless night. Being bereft of the stars in the night sky wasn’t a very unusual phenomenon for the small town botany professor but it hadn’t been very good lately. “If only I could end this paper today”, he said sitting in his peach   Read More...

Published on Oct 8,2022 12:36 PM

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