Ajay Khanna

Ajay Khanna is the quintessential guy next door, hailing from the serene hill town of Kasauli. Despite encountering numerous obstacles, he never allowed them to hinder his personal and professional growth. His illustrious career took off in sales, where he rapidly climbed the ranks through hard work and perseverance. Later, he transitioned into training, using his sales expertise to empower others in honing their skills. Driven by an unwavering focus on people development and a fervent desire to guide young professionals, Ajay discovered his ikigai. Now, as a social entrepreneur & founder of Read More...


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This Is How We Do It

Books by Ajay Khanna

This Is How We Do It is not just a book, but your personal guide and companion in your journey of higher education and beyond. Crafted with unwavering passion, care, and love, this book promises an experience you’ll cherish forever.

Whether you’re pondering which university to choose, planning an overseas education adventure, or aiming to ace that crucial interview, This Is How We Do It is your one-stop solution. Its practical guidance and insights

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Soul of a Salesperson, Spirit of an Entrepreneur

Books by Ajay Khanna

In this gripping narrative, prepare to embark on a spellbinding odyssey within the pages of “Soul of a Salesperson, Spirit of an Entrepreneur.” This captivating book will sweep you into a world of personal metamorphosis as you witness the remarkable journey of a salesperson turned entrepreneur. With raw authenticity, the author unveils the struggles and triumphs, exposing the gritty realities of the corporate world. But it’s not just about achieving succ

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