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Anwesa Chaudhury

Anwesa is a teenager. She likes to write about topics that touch her, like the environment, suffering, emotions of a teenager, and life in general. The depth of her poems goes beyond her years. She is also a musician, who writes, composes and sings her own songs. Anwesa is an extremely empathetic and compassionate young adult. She has been a crusader for the less fortunate from a very young age. She often volunteers at orphanages, bringing the kids the joy of food, clothes, gifts, and essentials. She is passionate about making a difference to the world around her. She is also a crusaRead More...


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Bleak Hope

Books by Anwesa Chaudhury

Bleak Hope is a collection of poetry written by a teenager. From the eyes of a present-day teenager, the world seems to be bleak. Death, conflict, destruction of environment, unnecessary wars, and the suffering of children seem to be the order of the day. While the poems depict despair, suffering, and cruelty, they are also about hope, love, and new beginnings. 

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