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Ashok Kumar Mishra

M. K. Ashok (Ashok Kumar Mishra) is an engineer and cement technology expert who retired as Joint Director from National Council for Cement and Building Materials. He has published more than 25 papers as co-author in various seminars & journals.

He is also an astrologer by self-study and vaastu expert by a two-year study (Advance Vaastu Diploma) at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, post retirement.

His keen interest in observing nature and people gradually became a hobby to observe and analyse people and their circumstances. During his various assignments in India & abroad, this hobby led him to discuss and observe people & their situations. Some people are negatively oriented  while some others are positively influencing. The detail analysis, over the time, initially led him to believe that improving Self is the only factor in mitigating negativity and enhancing positivity. However, with passage of time and further analysis of people with positive outlook revealed the importance of their Surroundings and Time period as  factors of other dimensions in Quest for Positivity. Hence he wrote Be Positive: In Thoughts & in Life, with Self, Vaastu & Astrology.



Books by M.K. Ashok

Is the quest for positivity unidimensional or multi-dimensional?

This book intends to inspire you to undertake your journey for positivity in the three dimensions of Self, Space (Vaastu) and Time (Astrology).

In the dimension of Self, a 10-step analytical approach is described with a focus on training your mind to be your friend. A simple and questioning methodology is described for empowering yourself in the fight against negativity. Are you car

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