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Banglore, INDIA

Asit Kumar Jena is a banker by profession. He holds a degree in MBA from Gitam School of International Business and Certificate in Advance Financial Course from IIM Kozhikode. He has also worked in the finance team of companies like Flipkart, IBM Daksh and served as financial advisor on intraday trading for a brief period. Apart from his regular job in the financial sector and consultant to few small scale manufacturing firms in past, he is deeply interested in and writes in the field of Macro Economics, Banking, Marketing, Philosophy, and Ethics.



This book is, his another attempts to present the complex world of economics and banking in a lucid manner to eager young minds. This book is divided into two parts. The initial chapters deals with stories, events, theories, philosophies and concepts of economics, which gives readers a sound knowledge of it, before getting into banking in the second part. This book will be helpful for students of commerce, economics, MBA, banking and finance professionals and whosoever else is interested in the subject, while for others it can still be a good book beside their tea table.


This book is the outcome of a belief that, greatest stories and events must revolve around the things, that are closest to men and that men needed most. This book presents those. When men are sometimes more concerned about “having” than “being”! What is the relationship of men with money? Money made men, kings, Queens, kingdoms and nations. It led to their destruction too, it led to wars and is the centre of all recession and depression world has seen ever. How men made money or money made men, this book captures true stories and events of economic miracles, catastrophes, unemployment, high inflation, uncontrollable debt, apart from capturing those diverse economic philosophies and ideas that changed the world, institutions and personalities that played key role, besides touching basic economics and banking concepts for the better appreciation of those. ...

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Understanding Economics and Banking' is written in a very simple language with an aim to simplify Economics and Banking concepts and its environment for the benefit of the readers with numerous examples from Indian and Foreign contexts. This book explains the fundamental terms and concepts of economics and banking and also helps the reader to understand the philosophies behind it and the factors affecting it. 'Understanding Economics and Banking' also highlights and answers some basic yet complex questions that strike minds of people every now and then like: Who are economists and what are the problems faced by them? Why does the government need to borrow when it can print its own money? What does GDP growth or slow down mean? Paying off National Debt - a Solution or a Problem? How harmful is inflation and how does the government tackle it? Why and how does government tax people? How is money circulated by banks? Why does RBI mention “I promise to pay the bearer clause” on Indian Rupee notes? Who are bankers - their working culture and banking environment. Banks credit policy,riskinvolved in banking andmanymore. ...

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