Dhyanesh Shankar is a 2007 born homeschooler with a keen interest in writing from a very young age. He started by attempting to write an abridged version of the great Indian epic, Ramayana when he was seven, using words he knew at that time. He loves reading and researching ancient Indian history and culture. He likes to explore the similarities between modern science and technologies described in ancient Indian history. He also enjoys singing and is learning Carnatic music. Besides Tamil, his mother tongue, and English, he is learning Japanese. Dhyanesh aspires to present events and characterRead More...


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The Laser Eye Warrior

Books by Dhyanesh

A celestial warrior prince,

Given the unmatched power of Laser.

Rudra, the prince of an interplanetary kingdom is set to get a throne he doesn't want. His destiny—to become the destroyer of evil and the saviour of good. An obstacle stands in his way, his rage. His gift of the third eye—the laser eye—is a sophisticated and destructive weapon that needs to be harnessed.

The Asuras have come up with the leverage that could destroy the u

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