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Dinesh Shrinet

For more than two decades, Dinesh Shrinet has been writing independently on various visual mediums and popular culture, including cinema. He is one of the first people to write in Hindi on the Internet. His book ‘Paschim aur Cinema’ is approved as a supporting study material in many universities. Lectures on cinema and visual genres in many prestigious educational institutions including Delhi University, BHU, Amity University, International Hindi University, Wardha. Special interest in the comparative study of Indian and Western cinema styles and the lesser known aspects of Indian cinema. Read More...


नींद कम, ख़्वाब ज़्यादा

Books by दिनेश श्रीनेत

इस किताब में संगीत ज़रूर है मगर यह किताब संगीत पर नहीं है, यह जीवन में संगीत की मौजूदगी के बारे में है। यह किताब सिर्फ संगीत के पंख लगाकर उड़ती हमारी यादों, ख़्वाबों और उम्मीदों के

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