Febini M Joseph, the Chief Trainer at Spireck Academy, adeptly manages multiple roles as a relationship counsellor, radio jockey, social worker, and certified motivational and soft skills trainer. Her passion for yoga, meditation, and holding a Black Belt in Karate underscores her commitment to holistic well-being. Febini channels her dedication into aiding visually impaired students through "Koottu," a trust she helped establish as a founding member. Notably, she's a published author in English and Malayalam, and also contributes as a columnist for 'The Health.' Her literary works embody her Read More...


Quarantine Companion

Books by Febini M Joseph

“Being alone is an opportunity to re-invent yourself “

“Quarantine Companion” opens a treasury of transformative ideas, directing the seas of self- improvement and productive time utilisation. In these pages, lies a roadmap to crafting meaningful moments amidst solitude, offering resourceful concepts and strategies to empower effective time management. Tailored for those seeking purposeful engagement during moments of seclusion, this literary co

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