Gautam Prakash

Gautam Prakash is an engineering graduate and he lives in Greater Noida with his family. He is a Software Professional and works with an IT organization. His inclination towards writing has encouraged him to write his first book, Career Warps. He is a writer, a story teller and a great observer of human behavior. He is fond of travelling and cooking different cuisines.


At a job, the success of an individual is not only dependent on one’s abilities and talent but is also influenced by the environmental factors present in the work place. A stable career may witness uncertainties and difficulties when a company decides to shutdown. Will a renowned company help its employee get a job even after months of hiring him? How do the conflicts of suggestions and thoughts in a work area create a personal grudge between two individuals? The factors affecting our professional and personal lives may collide with each other and give us a mental trauma that could lead to many negative consequences. Would these consequences lead to a drift in the career path? Are we, a...

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