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Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker

The Speaker Singh, originally named Harkirat Singh, is a motivational speaker, author, and founder & director at U.L.O. He has managed to capture hearts all across India through his inspirational sessions despite his age. At a time when people of his age worry about which college to choose, he has taken it upon himself to transform lives and show the world the power of intention. 

He learned a massive amount from his past, which made him experienced about love, heartbreak, suicide attempts, depression, and financial loss. His inspirational sessions inspire people because everyone gets connected to him as they relate their lives to his talks, which make them feel motivated, inspired and enlightened. 

His aim is to break the shackles of the conventional ways of education which we are surrounded by these days and to focus on oneself to achieve excellence in the field the person wants to. This is because every individual has some unique talent which needs to be identified and encouraged. 

He is living the dream of revolutionizing the learning system through his creative thinking and out of the box approach. He is on a journey to change billions of lives through the power of his words, spoken or written. He is on a mission to spread the message of love and unity in the whole world.


Dance of Death

Books by The Speaker Singh

Many people in rural areas have hidden problems which never come in front of other people. “Dance of Death” is highly appreciable work. He has tried his best to enlighten the world through his words and is the best motivational book which is going to empower the world for sure, that I strongly believe. I wish him “ALL THE BEST”.

S. Asa Singh Pannu,
Retired from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
Religious and Spiritual Mentor

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