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Hemant Kumar Rath, Ipsi Ipsita Rath

Hemant Kumar Rath holds degrees in engineering. He started writing while he was preparing his thesis. Hemant is a researcher by profession and a writer, blogger and social enthusiast by interest and a teacher by passion. Ipsi Ipsita Rath holds degrees in engineering and law. Before embracing her passion, i.e. writing, as a profession, she worked in two top corporates in the Indian software industry with a stint in Europe and later practised law. She is also a blogger, a singer, a painter, a social enthusiast and a homemaker. Read More...

Miles and Memories

Books by Hemant Kumar Rath, Ipsi Ipsita Rath

Miles and Memories is a collection of articles which were written mostly over the last decade on childhood memories, essays, stories, routine obstacles of the common man and on numerous national issues. The multidimensional aspects of the society in terms of social and cultural heritages and economic power corridors are mostly the theme of the articles. Some of the real-life incidents at IIT Bombay laid the foundation of this book, which were later exte

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