Jit Kirankumar Bhatt


Jit K. Bhatt is a highly educated professional with a double postgraduate degree in Advanced Plant Physiology and Biotechnology. His academic achievements are complemented by valuable experience as a Junior Research Fellow (JRF) under a Ministry of Earth Sciences funded project for the Government of India. With a career spanning 14 years, he has been passionately dedicated to mentoring and nurturing the intellectual growth of young minds.Read More...


Concise Zoology

Books by Jit Kirankumar Bhatt

“Concise Zoology” is an engaging and informative textbook designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the diverse world of animals. This textbook offers an in-depth exploration of the principles and concepts that underpin the field of zoology, covering a wide range of topics related to animal biology, behaviour, physiology, taxonomy, ecology, and evolution. The textbook emphasizes the importance of understanding animal physiology and how various p

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