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Jomyir Jini

The author is a 25 years old small town girl, who claims to have dreams bigger than the pot holes on Indian Roads. Born in the 90s she's stuck in the time zone of old school romance and is still finding her way into the tinder swiping era. She has been writing since a young age but has never shared it with the world before. She finds it delightful that a string of words can be so magical.Read More...

Sanity in Vanity

Books by Jomyir Jini

Smoking kills and so does overthinking.

This collection of poetry is an outcome of overthinking and yet hoping to stay alive. It talks of the many struggles conveying a message of staying hopeful. It reminds the reader that it's okay to cry and even if you feel like there is no one around, God has given you two shoulders, lean on.

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