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K.S. Ram

K.S. Ram studied in King George’s School, Ajmer. He graduated in English (Major), winning the Karnatak University Gold Medal in 1974, and did M.A in English from the University of Mysore. He has translated Adi Shankaracharya’s Bhaja Govindam and Sri Annapoorna Stotra into English (2016). His translation of Kabir’s dohas into English won appreciation from the Sahitya Academy, New Delhi. He is the author of Bastar and Miscellaneous Poems (NotionPress, 2019). He and his wife, Dr. Uma Ram, write regularly for the Speaking Tree of The Times of India. They have also jointly authored Tribal SonRead More...

Are You A Monkey, Or Are You A Kitten?

Books by K.S.RAM & UMA RAM

The short essays in this book have a common string: spirituality, in a practical sense of the word. The range of topics is wide: Love is a Verb-less State of Being; The Price of Money; Not Nothing, I am No-thing; Life Lessons from Chess; Drink While you Pray, or Pray While You Drink?; Another Way to Eat a Mango; Hostile Love; To be a Somebody, Remain a Nobody; In Divine Mathematics, 0=1=∞; etc. Several essays are related to the spiritual outlook of indigenou

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Books by K.S. RAM

Kabir and Rahim occupy an important position among those who have shaped the popular culture in India. The fact that many of Kabir’s compositions form part of the Adi Granth, the Sacred Book of the Sikhs, is evidence to the extent of his appeal. Doha, meaning a two-lined rimed couplet, was a favourite format of Kabir and other poets. Their couplets have acquired the status of proverbs, quoted in the Hindi-belt a hundred times every day in c

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Bastar and Miscellaneous Poems

Books by K.S. Ram

Bastar is a series of poems on Bastar, a part of the ancient Dandakaranya (modern-day Chhattisgarh). It is home to some of the most primitive and wonderful forest-tribes in the world. For over a century now, the tribes are reeling on the one hand, under the ways of bossy petty officials, traders and, now, the Naxals and, on the other hand, the ‘schemes’ of the Government and the evangelists who presume that the good of th

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