Kalyan Teja

Architrect, Born in chennai

The Sparkling Nexus

Books by Kalyan Teja

18th century - Political strategies of invaders were capturing and conquering Bharat. Europeans had their plans to dominate the dominions of this land while the smaller provinces were trying to rescue themselves. Amongst them was a smallest kingdom which disbanded the coat of arms centuries ago, revolted against a huge empire. On the other hand, a governor laid roots for history’s most wicked war. Will it be succeeded? What would be the destiny of the smallest kingdom?

20th century - A new married couple starts their life penniless and develop step by step gaining everything they needed. Fate twists this tale take through hard movements.

21st century - Archaeology related robberies will unfold the concealed facts and sparkling nexus along with the serial murders. Get ready to be thrilled with the fastest narration ever.

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