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Karuna Dundoo

Dr. Karuna Dundoo’s tryst with the world of gourmet cuisine and culinary awakening began inadvertently at her home in the kitchen, where her mother, relatives and discerning confidantes from her mom’s large contingent of friends would gather ever so often to watch and join her rustle up delectable dishes in a jiffy, in leisure, in exacting traditions and in every mood. This was her initiation and then as she grew older, having the legacy of their family’s hotel business, she ventured into pursuing an education in hotel management.

Three years of learning the nuances of every aspect of hotel operations, acquiring the skills for culinary explorations and more had her totally hooked to gathering knowledge about food and gourmet culture. She looked up to, cajoled sometimes and often collaborated with Amma to dig out their food heritage and record every subtle measurement of spices, the texture of food, the ingenious changes incorporated by families, by regions and by their own culinary history. This awakening for the appreciation of cuisine wisdom and the need to help preserve methodologies was paramount in her mind while she began to research and revive gems from her family’s food lineage. Thus began a journey into the vast known and some specifically unknown culinary histories, so that she had at her command a repertoire of recipes that could be passed on ahead to her next generation at home.

These are increasingly tough times, with many challenges to overcome ahead, and that’s best done on a belly well fed with nostalgic goodness. Readers are encouraged to try out these recipes and experience a culinary journey of over 30 years.






Kitchen Secrets of Telangana

Books by Karuna Dundoo

Kitchen Secrets of Telangana is a veritable compendium of vegetarian recipes that remain true to the classic Telangana school of cuisine! This is a collection that has passed the test of time and innovative interventions of modern-day cooking to reveal the wisdom of traditions that were commonplace in kitchens of yore. To have been passed on between five generations within a family is perhaps its singularly unique characteristic and the promise that it shall k

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