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Kesav, who is a linguist, is proficient in five languages and has been speaking Tamil all his life. He has studied Asian and European languages and is a specialist in three of those languages. He observed various patterns between spoken and standardized Tamil. Thus, eventually, he came up with the idea of creating a book without making the student back off due to having to learn a language which has a standardized and a spoken version. Having made interesting observations on how different languages work in the expression of ideas, the author has put all his observations to use in the making ofRead More...

A Practical Course To Learn Tamil For Absolute Beginners

Books by Kesav

The book is for absolute beginners who have no knowledge of Tamil. This book has a teaching method where the users can learn the language practically as well as get a strong grip on its grammar so that they can make their own sentences and understand how the language actually works, especially since Tamil having a spoken version and a standardized one may be daunting even for the most passionate of learners. In case you only want to speak Tamil, you can learn

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