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J V Mallapa Raju is Chairman, JVM HOMOEOPATHY STUDIES CIRCLEHyderabad. He had got credentials from British Institute of Homoeopathy.

Experienced Homoeopath:

He has been practicing homoeopathy for more than 35 years and has gained enormous experience in treating chronic ailments pertaining to digestive system as well as peptic ulcers, arthritis, rheumatic complaints, skin ailments and so on. He has greater experience in treating ailments pertaining to children (Pediatric) and ailments peculiar to Women. He has been providing relief to many patients suffering from chronic ailments as this has been his key motto of choosing Homoeopathy.

Classes on Homoeopathy:

Mr. Raju started the Homoeopathy Studies Circle around 10 years ago to spread the knowledge of Homoeopathy, where he conducts classes on Homoeopathy for residents/group of people of not less than 15. Sessions would happen on weekends and would last for two hours at selected venues. Students attending the sessions will also be supplied with a specialized printed material specially designed for the course. We, at Homoeopathy Studies Circle, have experience of conducting more than 65 sessions so far.

Online Medical Services:

He also extends medical advice through mails, and he can be reached at

Note: Person reaching out would need to send his/her entire case history attached.

Guest Lectures on Awareness on Homoeopathy:

Mr. Raju takes up guest lectures for Awareness on Homoeopathy at the request of residents, corporate offices or government offices, service organizations, colleges and so on to propagate awareness on Homoeopathy.


Handbook for Homoeopathy


Gives a brief introduction of Homoeopathy on things like, basics of Homoeopathy, principles of diagnosis, physiology of digestive tract, and its treatment. This book makes you familiar with key concepts of digestive tract with respective Homoeopathy and keeps you informed, like being guided by a Homoeopath. 

Explains process of digestion, common ailments, and treatment by symptoms (Mouth–Inflammation Acute and chronic Pharyngitis, Stomach&nda

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Handbook for Homoeopathy

Books by J.V. Mallapa Raju

It starts from Brief Notes on Homoeopathy - Evaluation of a Case - Aetiology - Pathology and its importance in Homoeopathy.  You feel as if you are hearing from a renowned Homoeopath just by sitting at your home.


1)      Brief History – Introduction -  Laws of Homoeopathy

2)      Method and Materials used for Homoeopathy remedies

3)   &

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