Malini Amaladoss

Writer, Author
Writer, Author

Malini Amaladoss is a Software Engineer by profession and enjoys reading, cooking, movies and traveling but her passion is to write Romance! Her style of story writing is effortless, captivating and stimulating. She made her home in the charming State of North Carolina in USA twenty-five years ago and before that, she lived in two equally amazing countries, India and Belgium.Read More...


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Retrace Love

Books by Malini Amaladoss

Love so intense and passionate is meant to stay forever, but a speck of mistrust can shatter ’the heart of heart’ into a million pieces.     

Tina, a young TV Anchor falls deeply in love with a charismatic and sensitive Organ transplant surgeon, Ray. They are soul mates and their hearts beat only for each other. Tina anchors a story covering a high-profile medical case involving Ray. Tina blames Ray unreasonably, and breaks up with

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Love and Beloved

By Malini Amaladoss in Stories | Reads: 244 | Likes: 1

As I walk along the silvery edge of the blue ocean and gaze at the horizon, I wonder if I should wait for someone special a little longer or search for my lost love little stronger. This thought has crossed my mind for decades, leaving me interrogating and introspecting. With one of my wrinkled litt  Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 04:55 AM

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