Minaakshi Rathour

Minaakshi, a remarkable author, gracefully narrates her journey of self-discovery and empowerment in her heartfelt story/Flying Solo: Embracing Self-Love." In this compelling book, she reveals her personal observations, struggles, triumphs, and the transformative power of embracing solitude. Minaakshi grew up conforming to societal expectations, compromising her desires and dreams. However, a series of life-altering events pushed her toward a path of self-exploration, ultimately leading to her profound self-love journey. With breathtaking honesty, she shares her experiences of breaking free frRead More...


Flying Solo

Books by Minaakshi Rathour

"Flying Solo" by Minaakshi Rathour is a book that delves into the concept of self-love and its importance in leading a fulfilling life, especially when navigating through periods of solitude or being single.Rathour explores various practices and perspectives to cultivate self-love, offering insights, exercises, and anecdotes to empower readers on their journey toward self-acceptance and happiness.

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