Moiz J. Qutbi

Moiz J. Qutbi is a bibliophile by heart and has been in love with reading since a very young age Born in the city of Kolkata, he was raised in Visakhapatnam. He is a content writer by profession and is an emerging name in the city for his writings. His articles and stories have been published in various local magazines. In addition to winning an All India Poetry Competition, Moiz was overwhelmed when he received a note from someone saying that his poem Faith helped them overcome a rough phase in their life. This book is his first, a collection of poems mostly exploring human emotions and Read More...


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Musings in Rhyme

Books by Moiz J. Qutbi

‘Musings in Rhyme’ is a collection of poems that started as a challenge. Covering random midnight thoughts with bursts of inspiration, this book is a perfect read for quick readers. Dive into the poems for an evening of contemplation and get inspired to make changes in your life. Be it the motivation to lace up and go for a run, or to gather yourself after a storm, these poems are sure to rouse your heart for the better.

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Of Words & Emotions

Books by Moiz J. Qutbi

Of Words and Emotions is a collection of poems spanning over a decade. It is the perfect read for a quiet introspective evening, or when you simply want to dive into the various emotions set in rhyme. So real that you will virtually see, touch and smell them. Be it the nostalgia in The Hot Cup of Coffee or the beauty of being free in I Fly. Courage, my Friend will make you want to summon your inner strength and face your fears. So set a date with yourself, ato

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What The Jungle Holds

By Moiz J. Qutbi in Adventure | Reads: 12,816 | Likes: 92

I went into the woods as I had done ever since I was a child. I knew the path well like the back of my hand. IJumped over a fallen tree, hopped a few steps and turned left at the berry bush to reach a clearing amidst the dense forest. This clearing had a pond with heavy algae growth in it... This sp  Read More...

Published on Jun 15,2022 05:58 PM

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