Mukul Tiwari

Dr. Mukul Tiwari is a renowned pediatrician who is passionate about child health. He has written several books on child health, nutrition, breastfeeding, etc., and has appeared in several TV shows and interviews on child health issues. He has contributed many articles on child health in national journals, newspapers, and magazines.   Dr. Mukul has held responsible positions in the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Indian Medical Association, and National Neonatology Forum. He was awarded the ‘FIAP’ (Fellow of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics) , ‘Dr. BC Roy Oration Award’by Indian medicalRead More...


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मेरा बच्चा खाना नहीं खाता!!

Books by डॉ. मुकुल तिवारी एम डी, डी सी एच, एफ आई ए पी

"मेरा बच्चा खाना नहीं खाता !! "  

बाल एवं किशोर आहार पर एक सम्पूर्ण पुस्तक। नवजात शिशु से किशोरावस्था तक। पुस्तक में  हैं- आहार के अवयव , डाइट चार्ट , एन्टीऑक्सीडैंट क्या हैं,खाद्य

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