Myst is an aspiring writer who has discovered his passion for storytelling through the captivating world of blogging. With a penchant for crafting engaging narratives, Myst's journey into the realm of fiction began with the sharing of his thoughts and experiences through personal blogs. His unique voice and storytelling prowess quickly garnered a dedicated readership. As an amateur writer on the cusp of publishing his first book, Myst is eager to embark on new literary adventures and explore uncharted territories of imagination. He now embraces the challenge of translating his passion for writRead More...



Books by MYST

Join Aditya, Akash, and Arjun, lifelong friends embarking on a thrilling adventure of a lifetime. What began as a simple trek to Moksh Parvat quickly spirals into an odyssey beyond imagination. Lost in a treacherous Himalayan fog, their lives hang in the balance until a radiant saviour, cloaked in mesmerizing blue, intervenes. Meet Mauktik, an otherworldly being with extraordinary powers, on a quest spanning through the cosmos to fulfil a prophecy about safegu

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