N. Chandrasekaran

N Chandrasekaran

He has a PhD in Economics - Financial Management (1990), Institute for Financial Management and Research, University of Madras. He has about 27 years corporate experience in areas related to Supply Chain Management, Corporate Planning, Strategic Management, Mergers, Acquisitions, etc. He is also a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Association of Operations Management, USA and also Certified Big Data Analyst.

He is currently with the faculty of Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai as Professor – Supply Chain Management & Business Analytics. Chandrasekaran has worked for agro based business for organizations like National Dairy Development Board, sugar business of leading groups and with Take Solutions Ltd as Head of Strategy, Human Resources Management and Investor Relations.


He has published a number of articles in professional journals and presented papers in National and International conferences. He has authored a book on Supply Chain Management published by Oxford University Press of India in 2010. He has jointly authored a book on Strategic Management published by Oxford University Press of India in 2011. He has jointly authored a book on Agribusiness Supply Chain Management which is published in 2014 by Taylor & Francis, New York, U S A. He has also published a work on “Ethical Supply Chain Management in India” in 2012. Incredible Champions was first published in 2014 and its sequel is being published in 2017. Also, he serves as  a the management consultant and  mentor for startups and professionals in areas relating to strategy, competency development and data driven analytics for insights. 


Incredible Champions – Volume II

Books by N. Chandrasekaran

Incredible champions are those who are passionate about impacting the society with deeds of humbleness. They give utmost care for fellow humans! You may get to know the trigger for a champion to choose whatever he wanted to do in life. Social activity is not weird, be sacrificing and suffering! It can be pleasure and a way of living. You do not need to chuck everything to be a social activist. You can do it as part of your living and other pecuniary engagements. It is all about love for fellow humans and how to impact their life in a meaningful way. You enjoy giving resources namely time, money and managerial capability. They see value in your service and move up in life with dignity and pride. You may become a champion. Understand the trigger, ride the opportunities and face the challenges to make fellow humans happy in your own way.

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Incredible Champions

Books by N. Chandrasekaran

Incredible Champions brings out how various professionals who are contributing significantly to the society have gone about doing the same. This book takes through experiences and journey of the champions to illustrate and define the various issues of social sector in India. It explains how exemplary professionals see opportunity in challenging times and circumstances to serve a larger society. Whether it is work of Narayanan Krishnan serving the destitute or that of Dr. Sai Lakshmi working for children from a deprived economic community or that of Dr. Balasubramaniam serving the tribal for better health care and education, the objective remains the same—trying to help humans around us experience a better living. Case studies are spread across age group, from professionals in early 20s to those who are in advanced stage in career. Similarly, the number of years has not been used as criteria for choosing a professional to be profiled. But, the inspirational line of service and commitment has been highlighted. The author has tried to cover all the important aspects of a trigger to get involved in this sector, opportunities and challenges. There seem to be some common traits in spite of unique works. These include: determination, grit, humbleness, the ability of not succumbing to pressure and work with resolute and so on. The readers would find it useful to know how important it is to relate to society. Moreover, as Indian companies focus on contributing to social capital for committing to “Corporate Social Responsibility of Business”, they can see enough scope for their engagement.

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