Natasha Diddee

Natasha Diddee is the alter ego of the Instagram sensation @thegutlessfoodie. Ironically, this classically trained cook lost her entire stomach to a tumor which led her to heal herself through food.  She inspires thousands of people on Instagram to follow her motto of living and not just existing.   She currently lives in Pune with her life partner Bengt Johansson, their pet fish and six adopted stray dogs. Read More...


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Books by Natasha Diddee

Tara Narang is freshly divorced.

Arpita Bhatia is a clichéd South-Delhi daughter-in-law.

Upasana Qazi is in a live-in relationship.

Sana Chopra is a serial dater.

The gossip-driven friendship of these four women is truly tested, when over the course of a fateful evening, catastrophic secrets are revealed that makes them question how well they really know each other!

Their lives are now twisted and intertwined in ways that they ne

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