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Padma Neppalli

A writer by profession, with more than thirty years of experience in high-tech, Padma currently works as the Director of Information Development for a large chipmaker in California. Initiated into the spiritual path at age ten, Padma spent over twenty years studying and practicing mantra, tantra, yoga, and meditation techniques with various teachers around the globe. In 2005, she discovered Shri Yellamraju Srinivasa Rao, and found his lucid talks on Advaita Vedanta resonate within her more deeply than any other. After this profound experience, she committed herself fully to Advaita Vedanta. SRead More...

Not Two: The Essence of Non-Duality

Books by Yellamraju Srinivasa Rao, Padma Neppalli

“This royal path (Advaita), revealed by the sages of yore, is now in danger of being closed. The by-lanes are being taken for the royal path. Our effort now is to make people realize that these diversions from the royal road will lead them nowhere. Life’s real problem is not solved with these shortcuts to spirituality. These shortcuts will only result in endangering the seeker… This is a movement for the propagation of the true Vedantic wisdom, the legac

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