Piyush Rawat

Piyush Rawat is a businessman, investor, philanthropist and a trader. He did his honours degree from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland and possesses international exposure. He started following cryptos and blockchain from 2017 and truly believes that the world will adopt blockchain technology massively in the future.   Pradeep Rawat is an engineer by profession. He is a blockchain developer, author and a blockchain consultant.  He completed his engineering from Nagpur University and started his crypto journey from 2017.   Monika is a software engineer by profession. She has pursued her Read More...


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The Metaverse

Books by Piyush Rawat, Pradeep Rawat, Monika Kaler, Dr. Pooja Basu

The Metaverse is the next frontier of the internet—a virtual world where users can interact, create and transact in a decentralised, blockchain-based environment. Web3 technology is the backbone of this new digital landscape, allowing for secure and transparent interactions between users, and the ability for them to truly own their data and assets. Join the Metaverse and Web 3.0 revolution and experience the future of the internet today before everyone else.

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30% Tax: Decoding The Crypto World

Books by Piyush Rawat, Pradeep Rawat, Dr. Pooja A. Basu, Monika Kaler

The world is changing rapidly because of the advent of technology. We all are living in a VUCA world and we need to be agile and adaptive else we will be obsolete in no time. 30 % - Decoding the Crypto World is all about understanding the nuances of blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the terms around it in the easiest possible manner. If you are a fan of this technology and even if you do not know anything about this world this book will help you to not only under

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