Pooja Rajput

This is a dream book which Pooja wants to dedicate to her parents. On the auspicious occasion of her father’s 70th birthday, she decided to present him her poetry collection. She believes that her artistic genes have come from her father and that spirituality has been gifted by her mother. Pooja says writing poetry is like meditation. When she sits down with her thoughts, she disappears from this world for a time being. She loves to connect to God through writing. She feels God’s presence each time and is fortunate to have her parents’ qualities in her as their blessings. Living apart frRead More...


कविता भीतर गूँजे।

Books by पूजा राजपूत

"कविता भीतर गूँजे.. गूँजे बारम्बार, चारों ओर अनुभव हूँ

करती मैं कविताओं की बौछार..."

“ताज़ा ओस की तरह प्रतिदिन भाव उत्पन्न होते हैं.. मैं

उन भाव रूप मोतियों की मालाएँ पिरो र

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