Prem Anand Nallathambi

The Author is a seeker of truth, a traveler on the path of spirituality. Passionate about writing, which inspires the readers to be kind, gentle, and loving. Believes in inspiring people to look within and follow their heart.  Read More...


Boa and the Bear

Books by Prem Anand Nallathambi

This is a story of a Bear who is explorative by nature and undergoes various emotional stages of distrust, fear, hopeless, and hatred after it falls into a deep pit during a dark new moon day.  Later guided by a Boa, who lives in the branches of the tree, to realize the true worth of self, humbleness, love, kindness and gentleness. 

You will reflect on many innate qualities in yourself, by losing in this conversation between the Boa and the Bear.

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