Raghav has a rich background working with leading companies and has spent over ten years in significant roles at Colgate, Reckitt, Amazon, and Meesho. His journey took a pivotal turn when he became a director at a fast-growing startup. Now, Raghav is the Chief Product Officer at a startup he co-founded, which is supported by Kaay Innovation. His experiences have given him deep insights into career development, making his book "Startup Your Career" a valuable guide for anyone looking to advance professionally. Through this book, Raghav aims to help readers take that extra step in their careers Read More...


Startup Your Career

Books by Raghav

Start your transformative path with "Startup Your Career," a personal mentor guiding you through the maze of career advancement. This book cuts through the clutter of professional development, offering clear, actionable strategies to propel you one step beyond the ordinary. Every chapter lays down another stone on your path to effective leadership, incisive thinking, and a life that aligns with your deepest ambitions. "Startup Your Career" is about continuousl

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